Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Oy. Yeah, I haven't updated this in a while. So here's the skinny:

1. I had a very, very short-lived job working with lingerie that I just quit yesterday. So now I'm free to do more art stuff, including actually going to exhibits and writing reviews.
2. I have a not-so-kinky shoot tomorrow with my friend and his family. I miss doing portraits, so this should be fun.
3. I have a kinky shoot with my friend and some random dude she picked out on Saturday. So there may be a new art posting in the future.
4. I have a meeting with a gallery director ("Gallery Dude") on Monday. Fingers, toes, etc. are crossed.
5. One of my fav, fav models, who has been out of the country since August, is coming back and has requested more pictures. So again, perhaps more picture posting in the not too distant future.
6. "Licked" is featured in the January issue of You can see it on the main page, but you have to register in order to see more.

Other than that, and submitting to competitions and galleries, things have been nice and quiet. I have a cold, so NYE was pleasantly uneventful. I spent the whole night in bed with Peggy Guggenheim. Hot.


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