Sunday, January 14, 2007

Three Things

1. Dali's Marquis de Sade suite is growing on me. I need to go back and read all the plays.

2. Box Magazine, that oh-so-lovely publication I mention all the friggin' time, will be publishing a "fucking flipbook" of photos by moi. Basically, it will be a flipbook of two people having sex, though, I want to run a test series of a blowjob. Any couples interested in being in the flipbook? We don't need faces, just a lot of movement. Oh, and did I mention Box will be written up in Jane Magazine at some point? Getting famous....

3. I'm always looking for couples, that's a given. I will rarely, rarely turn someone away, and even then, it's either only because I don't think they quite know what they're getting into and I don't want them to do something they'd regret, or one/both people are married, and not to the person they want they the photos with (homey don't play that). But I'm really, really disappointed that I don't have more diversity in the couples I feature. Basically, they're all white and heterosexual. All this time, I've been saying I want to document "real sex" with "real people" so that the pictures are as polar to preexisting porn and "erotic art" as possible. But porn and "erotic art" have traditionally held a premium towards white, heterosexual couples, so my photos aren't doing their job. This really, really bothers me. In the end, my stuff is no different than the stuff that's already out there. I really want to show that EVERYONE has sex, and it's always awesome, regardless of what the people in the Porn Garter Belt (the Bible Belt's slutty little sister) will have you believe. Someday......


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not everyone has sex.

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Samantha, where are you located again? I would love to do a photoshoot with my boyfriend. We are an interracial couple. He is African American and I'm a white redhead Irish girl...could be steamy! Maybe I'd publish them on my site too...
Jordan LaRousse
Oysters & Chocolate

9:56 PM  

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