Thursday, September 29, 2005

Nerve Post

as of midnight tonight, my posting at will be up. i am the giddy. however, because they gave me a "premium" gallery, it means only people who paid a yearly membership of around $33 get to see me in all my glory. but it's definitely worth it. so if you go, you have some options. one, join, then thank me later, or two, go to the site, click through as far as you can, which brings you to a nice little blurb and some thumbnails, then go to my website to see the full blown image.

but go to! spread the word! support a local dirty girl!

also, you will notice i am no longer using caps lock. it's taken all my strength to use caps up until this point. i'm sure you don't care, but i feel liberated. next goes the bra, and all hell breaks loose.

again: GO TO NERVE.COM! please?


Anonymous Richy said...

Nice you won. Submited a text to them about the Japanese sex culture but still waiting for it to be published on the site...
Nice work. Just discovered your photographs and your blog. Nerve helps...

11:55 AM  

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