Saturday, February 25, 2006


So while I was waiting to board my flight in LAX on Monday, I stopped by one of those magazine kiosks and bought a few magazines to read on the plane (my Warhol bio was getting kinda boring, and I feel guilty starting a second book when I haven't finished the first.) I caved and bought "Marie Claire". Yeah, yeah, instant brain atrophy, whatever. So I'm just flipping through the pages, and I come across a photo spread they've called "Artistic License," where they have various models posed in different studio-like scenes working with art, but also featuring "breathtaking accessories" (gag). I'm actually looking at it right now. These are the art mediums featured on each page, in order:
1. painting
2. drawing (crayons/oil pastels)
3. painting
4. knitting (lets skip the whole "is-craft-art?" question for now)
5. jewelry/bag making/crafting (see #4)
6. painting
7. sculpture/welding
8. painting
9. sculpture/clay
10. sculpture/exhibition design (?)/something with jewelry

That's it? Really? Art Editors of "Marie Claire", you really couldn't think of any other art mediums? Maybe one that seems to be your bread and butter? Maybe something like PHOTOGRAPHY?! Jeez. I mean, c'mon....glowing white light boxes, color slides, sleek framed guys couldn't think of any kind of picture that might take advantage of those? Not even the requisite "black-and-white-are-SO-in" photo? Normally, this kind of thing just makes me roll my eyes, but I feel like I've come across so many grant applications and competitions recently that don't seem to include photography in the same category as painting and sculpture. Do we really have to go back to the "is photography art?" question? I hope not.

On a related note, I vaguely remember seeing a spread in another magazine (same flight) featuring models in colorful, faux-bohemian designer clothes prancing around an artist's studio pretending to paint. Hey artists, we're trendy! Huzzah! I'm ready for my modeling debut in "Vogue" now, please. Thanks.


Blogger adrian said...

Photography's not art, sam. duuhhh. I'll try to make it to that show at MOCA.

8:36 PM  
Blogger Samantha Wolov said...

what was i thinking?! sigh. maybe women can't be artists either. i don't confused.....

9:47 PM  

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