Sunday, October 02, 2005

unofficial post: response to comments

ok, so blogspot won't let me respond to comments, so i will respond here:

mark: i used a sheet of dollhouse flooring for the tiles. they make sheets to look like the floor, then you can cut them to fit the room in a dollhouse. i ordered some more. they have tiles, carpets, wood paneling, everything. inexpensive too. like, $6 bucks for one big sheet. you can get them at craft stores or miniature stores. i used to be very into dollhouses, but only because of the interior decoration. i could have cared less about the dolls. ill see if i can unearth my old furniture and have the dolls have sex on the couch. many possibilities with furniture.

spanglemaker: your comments+these photos=pixar porn? "toy story 3: woody gets buzzed" the possibilities are endless.

also, i think i have officially gone international. jorge at saw my pictures at nerve, and gave me props on his blog. unfortunately, i took french in high school, so i have no idea what his blog says, but from what i've gathered from his email an his blogger profile, he is an indie writer in a border town in mexico/texas, and seems to be a nice guy. thanks jorge!

i'm still in search of barbie lingerie. i have a lot of school work coming up, but then i have a break. i'm in talks with a young couple to do some work with them, and i'll work on the doll pictures. i'm still not satisfied with what i've done, which is a good reason to keep trying.


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