Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Temporary Halt on Pictures

I've had my new digital camera for less than a week, and it's already "broken" to the point of stumping the entire staff at a local camera store:

Me: Hi, yeah, I've had my camera for about five days, and now the battery is stuck inside. Can you please help?
Camera Dude (CD): Whooo-eee! That's an interesting problem! Have you just tried whacking it a few times.
Me: Yes. But I'm also afraid I'll break it, or give it mechanical whiplash or something. I have no clue what happened.
CD: Ok, well, let me see what I can do.
(CD carefully hides behind a display so I can't see him. I could care less, I'm too busy caught up reading an interesting article about how Bush may or may not be the worst president in history.)
Ten minutes later....
CD: It's stuck.
Me: That's not an acceptable answer. See, that's why I'm here...

So, no pictures for a while. It's actually a good time for a broken camera (if there is one) because all my models are in finals season, and are too busy to get naked anyway.

CD did recommend a camera repair place called Strauss' or something. So, anyone know anything about them, or know of a good place to go? I'm going to call the place where I got the camera to see if that have any preferences as to how I take care of this so they can't later accuse me of breaking it and forcing me to pay another $2000 i don't really have to buy another camera.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strauss is the best place to go - where all the pros go I'm told. It's been a while since I had a camera repaired there, but last I knew they were down near Galludet.

7:34 AM  
Anonymous J.T. Kirkland said...

Strauss is the best around here. I've used them. And yeah, they are near Galludet.

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Tracy Lee said...

Repair? After a week? No way - return it and get a new one. Youdon't pay all that money to have it break before the return time is up. Penn has a 14-day return policy - find out what the policy is for where you bought it. If you have'nt sent in the reg info yet then I vote for getting a whole new one isntead of trying to fix what might be a lemon

5:41 PM  
Blogger Samantha Wolov said...

yeah, i'm returning it. adorama has a 14 day return policy. it's going in the mail tomorrow.

thanks for the advice everyone!

5:46 PM  
Blogger adrian said...

that sucks. ax ing the nikon?

8:47 PM  
Blogger Samantha Wolov said...

returned the first one. return hasn't been processed yet, but i can't image it won't. new one arrived earlier this week.

so hopefully, i'll only be down $2000 instead of $4000 sometime soon.

9:37 PM  

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