Tuesday, January 01, 2008

IT'S UP!!!

Happy New Year!

As promised, the new website is up. The URL is still www.samanthawolov.com. I've kept the basic design since it kept everything nice and organized, but I've changed the categories, added new content, removed quite a bit of old content, updated my resumé and press pages (adding, among other things, my doll set for the March 2008 issue of German Cosmo), and added a link to my sexy new Etsy store.

1. I have NOT retired from erotica. I shot nothing but erotica for over three years, it got a little stale, and I wasn't working the best I could because it wasn't challenging enough. Simply put, it was time for me to move on and expand my repertoire. I'll still shoot it, but I'll be concentrating on fashion work for the foreseeable future.

2. I have a store on Etsy.com now. Most, but not all, of the images on my website are available through Etsy, but I'll gladly make custom prints. While I normally sell 11"x14" prints to collectors, I've decided to sell more user-friendly 8"x10 prints on Etsy. Both are available. The Etsy store can be found at samanthawolov.etsy.com.

One of the benefits of shooting fashion now is that I'll have lots of new work sooner. I'll be in DC until the 17th, and when I get back to SF, I have a few things lined up. At least three shoots, possibly a spread in a major local SF magazine, and, of course, Cosmo.

Thanks for being patient!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You gots an error in your link... it's pointing at http://nekkidwithacamera.blogspot.com/www.samanthawolov.com instead of just http://www.samanthawolov.com. I don't use Blogger but it seems like it should be easy to fix.

Going to look now...


7:13 PM  
Blogger jay kay said...

love your photos the erotic ones are very hot

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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