Friday, January 11, 2008

Post #301: I'm Not Going Anywhere! Ha!

So, call me jaded, but I was expecting more insults and epithets in response to my last post. Instead, I got some great positive feedback! Thank you! I feel all warm and toasty inside. Really. I'll be keeping the blog to post updates, but more to keep an archive. If I have some good stories to tell, I'll pass those along, too.

If anyone lives in the New Haven region, "Always Tip Housekeeping" will be in "Black and White: A National Photography Exhibition" at the Arts and Literature Laboratory. The show opens tomorrow, Janurary 12, and closes February 9. For more info go to

If you are in the Bay Area, "Always Tip Housekeeping" (again) will be in "It's Photography III: A National Exhibition" at the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art in Novato. I can actually go to that one, so if you see a freakishly tall chick who looks vaguely like Snow White, that's me (and also the most I'll divulge about my looks. :) ) The show opens Febrary 2nd and closes March 2. For more info, go to

I'm still on the East Coast, currently writing in NYC, but I go back to DC Sunday, then I fly to SF Thursday. When I get back, I have four shoots planned. I won't spoil the surprise, but I will say that one will use a special film process, one will be of some crazy, avant-garde, architectural fashion, one will be of some crazy/pretty portraits, and one will be swimwear, and I like skimpy. I'd like to say this time next month, the website will have tons of new work, but The Boy gets older on 2/12, then it's V-day. I'll try to get everything done before then.


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If you are soliciting comments.....

Love your work so far...looking forward to seeing what you have in store for the future. Hope you keep focused on what inspires you as a photographer, because thats what makes doing it so fun.

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