Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Photo Shoot

I have a photo shoot tomorrow with a very hot girl who I've known for a bajillion years, who is also half my size. Her breasts are also twice as big as mine, which makes no sense. But I don't care, because she's hot, brilliant, and I get to play with my Holga because of her. I'll try to post new pictures soon.

I'm also feeling kinda stuck, artistically, so instead of spending my free time being productive and either working on term papers, cleaning, or studying for the GREs, I'm trying to think of new, cool stuff to do. And maybe something that can make me money. I don't want to have to sell some eggs to go to grad school.


Blogger the continental said...

Amway is hiring. Hey, ever overexpose a series of similar images, then play with positioning them as... uhhem... overlaid comp? Your pretty shots would look good, cranking up the brightness, complexity and repetition... although they look great as is. Just a thought.

3:21 AM  

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