Sunday, October 02, 2005

foray into fashion?

a former prof emailed me (and a few other students) the other day to tell me that dc mag is looking for young talented photographers to do some fashion spreads for them. so i emailed them. still haven't gotten a response. i wouldn't be surprised if they said i wasn't what they were looking for, they're more stylized and "polished" in the same vein as "vogue" or "vanity fair", and i'm more of a "bitch" or "bust" kind of gal. yes, those are really magazines. they have some interesting articles, too. anyway, i've been doing a lot of thinking, and i think i'd like to try getting into this. i don't think i've forgotten how to take pictures of clothed people. anyway, if anyone knows of some up-and-coming fashion designers who would like to have some photos, hook us up, please. because apparently, four grad-level classes, grad school apps, the GREs, and two ongoing photo projects aren't enough work for me. insert s&m joke here.


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