Tuesday, October 04, 2005

the highlight of my day

once upon a time, i changed my blog settings to that i could be emailed every time someone posted a comment. and this lovely note appeared in my inbox:

"oh pictures of dolls copulating, that is sooo original! i mean, seriously, i've never thought of or seen that before anywhere WHATSOEVER. see, what you've done here is you've taken something supposedly pure and innocent and made it dirty, didn't you? that's SO clever. i mean, that's so daring and original! and so fresh, too!"

thanks, anonymous blogger! i love getting feedback from fans.


Anonymous Richy said...

So, if you like to get comments from your readers, I'm very pleased to add mine.
I like your photography work a lot. On the opposite of that previous comment, I a, not a big fan of your 'plastic' dolls' sex pictures. I prefer the Medium or Hot ones where you capture some intense and intimate moments, while with dolls I feel some kind of degradation and artificial plays. Still I like the lighting and the photo technique on the dolls.
Good luck and continue to shoot nice pictures.

4:11 AM  
Blogger Samantha Wolov said...

aw, thanks so much! yeah, the dolls aren't for everyone. they're for fun. i don't always have access to models, so it gives me something to do so i can satisfy a need to produce. but it amuses me.

i just thought that comment was hilarious. of COURSE i don't think i'm doing anything new and fresh! i mean, hello, david levinthal ring a bell? same goes for the sex pictures with people. i'm not the first person to do this. i'd like to pretend i am, maybe with the color or perspective, but i owe a debt to tony ward, terry richardson, sylvie blum, ondrea barbe, etc...these are for fun. thats it. but the fact that whoever wrote that took it all so seriously just amuses me. they obviously don't know me, because otherwise, they'd know what the bulk of my portfolio looks like.

i've gotten some fantastic comments from people in response to this mystery blogger. and i count yours as one of them. thanks again. but yeah, i'm not afraid of people not liking my work. worse things have happened. not to mention it would be rather naive of me to assume pictures of sex would be welcomed with open arms by every single person who saw them. my friend aaron gets freaked out by the dolls, and he tells me openly and freely. my mother is never afraid to tell me when a picture works and when it's flat. and sometimes i listen to her. basically, i welcome both sides of coin. obviously, i'm biased towards the praise, but that's not surprising. but i'll listen to you and respect your comments if you say them appropriately. that anonymous blogger, while they are of course entitled to their opinion, was just MEAN. what could have come from that? what was the point?

but richy, thanks again. and nemoniac from amsterdam. and all the other people who have been emailing or IMing me the past few days with comments. it means a lot. really. thanks!

11:49 AM  
Blogger b said...

hey there,
i was surfing through the facebook (the bane of my existance) and found your site.
your shots are brilliant. I really enjoy the dolls because i think they're as realistic as plastic can get. i made one of them my background.
I love that your pictures are so openly sexual too because i feel like the world is definately getting a bit too prudish.

can't wait to see more!

11:31 PM  

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