Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Website Complications

ok, i said the site would be down, and it's not. here's the problem: my current provider stinks. i only get 3 gb of bandwith. apparently, i've been using around 150 gb because so many people have been stopping by. this is great, but now i'm getting charged extra money for all the extra bandwith, and i will continue to until i switch providers. which i tried to do. it should have been processed yesterday, but they never did. so i'll let you know when the site will be down. but the next few days could get interesting. ill post when the site will be down, up again, and when i've posted new pictures.


Blogger Juan said...

Hello Samantha,

my suggestion is: create your account in Paypal.com and put a Donate buttom. I believe that all these people who enjoy your photos, will havent problem to send you some dollars to pay the bandwith.

10:41 PM  

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