Sunday, May 07, 2006

You know, for a "smart" newspaper, the Washington Post sure is dumb....

The Washington Post is currently accepting nominations for it's annual "Best Bets" awards. I decided I would nominate a few of my favorite places (Max's Best Ice Cream on Wisconsin Ave, for one), but when I got to the "Best Museum" section, I was a bit startled that local galleries were clumped in there, too. Galleries are not museums. Apples and oranges. They can't compete, but they're not trying to. And yet, the WaPo thinks they can, which is invariably going to shaft the DC gallery scene yet again--more often than not, someone will probably nominate a museum like the Corcoran or the NGA over a small gallery like Conner Contemporary, Govinda, or Fraser. Not only are these two different types of venues, but they're two different types of experiences, which you certainly can't compare. Idiots.


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