Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I'm back, sort of....

For the record, I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth or anything. This is a thoroughly un-artsy post. The weekend was fun. Given that my family, my boyfriend and I are all major bibliophiles (some women collect shoes, I buy books), we had a blast at the closing of Acorn Books (fab place, sorry to see it go) and the Friends of the SF Public Library sale. Made out like bandits.

Also, here are my hearty recs for local food fare: Fresca (Peruvian) is FANTASTIC, the Cliff House is dreamy, and my mom's spousal-equivalent only wants me to get a job at Bittersweet so I can get their secret recipes. If you know SF well, I may have inadvertently just told you where I live....

Also, today marks the submission of my 25th job application. You know, I kinda feel like I deserve a prize for that. You know, a prize like....a job...

OK, because I'd feel guilty if there wasn't any art stuff, here is some art stuff:
I got some prints back from my original printer, and OHMYGOODNESS are they gorgeous. I got a print of "69", and it's stunning, if I do say so myself. I'm kinda surprised I could take pictures like that. Printed on velvety Chromira paper. Lovely.

I may have a quickie shoot with my favorite pregnant couple sometime soon, assuming I can get my schedule in order.

I'm still looking for models for the Box masturbation shoot. One of their editors has been nice enough to try to round up some kinky people for me, and I posted a CL ad. Anyone wanna start taking bets on how many creepy emails I get? I get plenty of nice ones, but given that I've just asked complete strangers to jerk off in front of me, there's bound to be the rogue, gross email.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

occupational hazard?

11:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I'm with you on the Cliff House. I used to frequent that place at least twice a month. Hey, I'm digging your reference to the print of "69." Also noticed a new one on your site of us...."On Top." Yummy.
While I certainly hope your search for masturbating models is a success, I fear it will come with a few gross responses. Good luck.

3:17 PM  
Blogger Samantha Wolov said...

ha ha, yeah. i've always been tempted to chronicle all the funny/gross/offensive/creepy emails i get, but it never seemed right.

it's funny--this is a PORTRAIT project, and yet, people keep sending me pictures of their dicks. ("no, not THAT head....")

4:47 PM  

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