Monday, November 06, 2006

Cleaning house...prints for sale!

I have two prints that have been floating around my apartment since I moved in August, and I don't really want them here anymore. They're both from the "Lingerie" series, and they're both for sale.

The first is "Panties, Beige and Black Floral Mesh." It was professionally printed by my favorite printing shop in DC, an 8"x12" image centered on 11"x14" paper, signed, and has been sitting in a frame for a few months, so no scratches. However, one of the corners is ever so slightly bent. Just a teeny, tiny amount, I swear. If you mat it, no one will see it. Even if you don't, it gets flattened out by the frame anyway. It's a very, very small flaw, but a flaw nonetheless. I usually sell prints for $150, but given the crease, I'm selling it for $115. Here's a photo:

The second print is "Panties, Green and Purple Floral Mesh." I printed this back when I was testing printing alternatives. It is printed on 16"x20"paper, and is almost that same size, but the white border looks a little odd (two sides are about an inch thick, the other two barely have any white space at all.) It's been sitting in the travel tube all this time, no scratches, no creases, no imperfections at all. It's signed, too. Given that I didn't use my normal printer (the paper feels like generic photo stock), but it's much larger than my usual prints, I'm also selling it for $125. Here's a photo:

I actually really, really like these prints, the colors fantastic and the images are crisp and clean, but they don't quite fit in with the rest of our decor (ecclectic mod with a touch of irreverent femininity, whatever that means). Besides, I've already subjected my boyfriend to two MASSIVE faux-vintage "botany" (read: pretty flowers) posters, and I'm not sure he'd appreciate photos of my panties on our walls for when his parents come to visit.

These are the only two I have, so if you're interested, the sooner you email me, the better; it's a first come, first served thing. The prices include shipping, don't worry. Email me if you're interested samantha at his dot com.


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