Saturday, October 28, 2006

On pause, oh so briefly

I'm exhausted. I had two shoots today (er, yesterday?) for the masturbation project, one of which involved over five hours of travel, round trip (the pictures were a bust), and the bus I was on this morning got into a minor accident, and a few people got hurt. Yeah, I was one of them. We were lucky, and everyone was OK, just either a little shaken up, a little bruised, or both. I'm OK, but my knees are fairly bruised and sore. You know how the front half of the bus has the seats lined on against the sides to make room for wheelchairs, then the have seats that are perpendicular to the wall right after them? I was in one of the perpendicular seats. When we lunged forward, I got thrown forward fairly hard, but I was stopped when my knees smashed into the side of the seats in front of me. I really am OK. I'm just really tired at this point, which means PLEASE let me take care of some photo updates tomorrow or Sunday. I'll show off the pregnancy photos, talk about the masturbation shoots, everything. Right now, I'm taking my legs to bed.

Oddly enough, I was too short for anything really bad to have happened (I'm 5'10"). If I were 4-6" taller (or if I were my boyfriend, which would be odd), the seats would have hit the softish part of the knee where the joint is, and I could have done something serious. As it is, I have these two two bruises that look like thinnish stripes on my knees. They look kinda cute, actually. Blueish purple always was my color....


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