Monday, October 23, 2006


Goodness, goodness, goodness, busy, busy, busy. Here's the scoop:

1. Had some short shoots a few weeks ago for the masturbation project. I met C and L in Oakland, where they informed me they would be having the shoot in the Berkeley Rose Gardens. OK. So we take the BART to Berkeley, then walk to the gardens. Now, I'm usually game for lots of walking. But that day, I was sick with flu-like symptoms, having "woman trouble" (really, this band of little old ladies kept following me around--REALLY annoying), and carried my monster of a camera bag uphill for what seemed like forever (it was probably only two miles or so, but ick.) Seriously, I have never sweated so much with a non-workout activity EVER. So, so gross. So then we get to the gardens, and we find this tiny, out-of-the-way woodsy area next to a creek at the bottom of a ravine. C is supposed to be the lookout while L and I go hide in the woods. L is lying on the ground, head in a big patch of ivy with who knows what in it, I'm standing, straddling him, trying to focus in the cloud of gnats we were in, and he just starts jerking off. That was picture #1. We started to walk back to prepare for the second shoot when we realized we had just been about 30 ft. away from a kid's pirate-themed birthday party. Arrgh, nothing says "erotic" like a band of little people with eyepatches and silly hats. OK, shoot #2. We get to his apartment, set up the backdrop, which was fabric that needed to be hung from a shelf. Given that he was standing, and not lying down, I had some concerns:
Sam: Are you a shooter?
J: What?
S: Are you a shooter? Or does it just sort of....come out?
J: I don't know, sometimes I am, sometimes I'm not.
S: Ok, see, I'm going to be standing in front of you, like, less than a foot away, and, see....
J: OHHHHH......I'll be careful of your clothes, don't worry.
S: I appreciate that, but I'm more worried about my camera.
J: OHHHHH....That makes sense. I'll be really careful, don't worry.
S: Thanks.

So we have the shoot. And he's standing, doing his thing, and I'm standing right in front of him, getting him in frame, focusing, you know, doing my job, then all of a sudden, BAM! He drops to the floor. I asked why, and he told me he was so worried about getting anything on me, that when it "came" down to it (har har), he had to aim elsewhere, so he dropped and aimed downwards. That was nice of him. Until....
J: Oh man, I'm so sorry!
S: What?
J: Oh jeez, I'm really sorry!
S: What?!

Ladies and gentleman, I got jizzed on. On my pants leg. The right one. It wasn't a lot, and it wasn't too weird for me or anything (occupational hazard), and he was really sweet about cleaning me off, but that's what happened. At least there weren't any pirates involved.

2. Had another masturbation shoot today. Very nice. Met another Box editor, took some pictures of a very nice girl who, if in bad, bad lighting, kind of looks like Haley Joel Osment (in reality, she's much cuter), and played Carcasonne with Ivy Guy and Jizz Master J.

3. Had the shoot with the pregnant couple! Good lord, these people are great. Seriously, I can't say enough good things about them. I've done the preliminary editing on them, but now I have to go through and make sure they're done. "Duh" comment of the day: Pregnancy changes how you have sex. You're big, you're not as nimble as you once were, and squishing your child is generally frowned upon. But you can still have amazing sex. The pictures themselves are sweet. Pretty, still a little graphic, but not the raw and animalistic I'm hoping to get back to. But you know what? I'm very happy with these pictures. These two people obviously love each other very, very much. They're sweet and tender with each other, and those are often elements that are eschewed in erotica for something that's more immediately arousing. They're nice pictures. I like them a lot. You'll see them soon and know why.

4. I had an epiphany: The people who post ads in the "Casual Encounters" section on CL seem open enough with their sexuality that they might make good models. So I've been busy looking for models there. So far, no responses. I'm also a little wary of meeting some of them. I can handle the couples. It's a different dynamic. But given that I only have three shots completed for the masturbation project, I'm apprehensive about contacting men who say they really want to masturbate in front of a woman. I mean, it would be a great way to get models, but still. So, J doesn't know it yet, but I'm going to bribe him with brownies so he'll be my chaperone at these shoots.

5. I had a job interview for a company you wouldn't expect me to work for, but I really wanted the job. I don't want to get into the details, but something has happened that needs to be worked out.

6. Happy belated birthday to Kim! Kim is the uber-sexy blond who I shot at Caltech making out in my boyfriend's bathroom and on the roof of the Physics building. She is the awesome.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hiya - You absolutely missed your calling as a writer. I'm hysterical at your recount of the masturbation shoot. You go girl. Congrats on the job interview! Can't wait to hear more. ~L

11:01 PM  
Blogger Samantha Wolov said...

ha ha, thanks. we'll see how the job thing pans out. it's a bit sketchy, but i'm cautiously optimistic.

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so, where are the pics? especially pregnant couple's that we keep hearing about.
as far as casual encounters board, you may be right, but these people may be looking for semi-private encounters, like couple/couple, 3-somes, swing club scenes. may be not interested in public dispaly.
probably that's why you don't get any responses. you could try swing personals sites as well.

1:10 PM  
Blogger Samantha Wolov said...

they're coming, they're coming...

the couple always gets to see them first. once they approve, then i post.

that's an interesting suggestion. where can i find a swing personals site? is there some major one i should be looking for?

(and the lack of responses is probably because i've only started emailing in the last 24 hours, and this sort of thing usually requires a good bit of marinating. i did get a postive response, though.)

9:49 PM  
Anonymous Simon said...

Hey Samantha, love your work and articles. I found your site throught a friend of mine. I am really in your kinda art. I'll check your site soon for the new pics.
Simon - Holland

5:37 AM  

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