Sunday, October 08, 2006

More info on DC trip

Ok, so I'm 90% sure I'm coming back to DC for a week, from Friday, Oct. 13 (oooooh...) until Friday, Oct. 20. This obviously includes only one weekend (I need to be back by the 21st for another shoot. See? Good excuse.)

Now, a Canadian TV show is very interested in running an artist profile on me. They would really, really, REALLY like to get footage of me during an actual shoot. Anyone who has worked with me knows these aren't terribly exciting, and I look far from attractive, nor is my "creative process" ("uuuh, ok, go have sex now") all that interesting, but I'm tempted to oblige nonetheless. The producer with whom I've been talking understands it may be difficult for me to find a couple who wants to be filmed, photographed, AND seen by kinky Canadians.

I know I just asked all of you to email me if you were interested in a shoot in DC, but I'm modifying this a little. I know weekends are usually best for people, but obviously, I don't have a lot of weekend time. Perhaps two each morning, two each afternoon? That's four potential shoots, one of which I would like to reserve for a couple who is comfortable being filmed for Canada. During the week is a little trickier. I like using natural light, so it needs to be early enough in the day for me to be able to use sunlight. Problem is, you all probably work during the day. Worst case, even if I can't do any shoots during the week, I still have four potential slots on the weekend. It makes things a bit rushed, but I'm willing to make that sacrifice :).

Ok, so now that you know my needs and schedule a bit better, bring on the emails!

(also, I absolutely won't do anything work-wise on the evening of Oct. 18. It's my mom's birthday.)


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