Monday, October 16, 2006

Crunch time: Models for Canadian TV

OK, I don't like getting into specifics when it comes to new opps that haven't been finalized or fleshed out yet (pun not entirely intended), but I have more details on the Canadian TV show thing.

Who: SexTV through CHUM television, Canada
What: 6-7 minute artist profile. Interview, footage of me taking pictures, sexy fun all around.
Where: San Francisco. My apartment? Good God, this means I have to decorate, doesn't it?
When: Sometime during Monday-Wednesday, October 30-November 1.
Why: Why not?

Very exciting. They know I've been having trouble finding a couple who is comfortable being seen on Canadian TV. They understand it's a question of maintaining anonymity, and that ensuring the comfort of my models is my first priority. They wish they could guarantee anonymity, but they can't. So I'm still looking for a VERY open couple in the SF area to be filmed with. If you don't want to volunteer, that's fine, but if you happen to know anyone who might be interested, please let me know. I've talked with the producer, and can assure you he's very nice, so you'd be surrounded by very nice people. Plus, I'm going to bake brownies for all of us, so you have gooey chocolate yumness as an extra incentive!

(I'm also looking for models aged 18-40 to model for the masturbation project. Same thing: if you know anyone who could do it, let me know.)


Blogger stinker said...

o my gawd sam!
On TV? how cool is that? Don't forget to chnage your underwear and wash behind your ears my mom always told me.
Good luck on the shot and finding a great couple to shoot or a guy to more ways than one....

8:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a look at your photos and I must say, they certainly have an effect on me.

Very intimate, very honest pictures.

9:19 AM  

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