Wednesday, May 02, 2007

She Works Hard For The Money....

I'm listing all the jobs/projects/meetings I have in the next month or so in case anyone is interested in participating, or if they want to know why they probably won't hear from me for a while.

1. Meeting with a Marketing Director of a local urban retreat for possible private shoot and commissioned shots for a new campaign. Friday.

2. Fashion shoot 5/7

3. Mom and Peter in town 5/10-5/15

4. I think there's a dirty shoot sometime in the middle of the week after they leave.

5. Anniversary with The Boy 5/19 (We haven't planned anything. Any suggestions?)

6. 70s porn summer campaign shoot 5/20

7. Working on a project on sexual rites of passage. I need youthful looking people. And a lot of semen. Long story...

8. I kinda want to take a series of naked Plushies (just their masks) lounging in their homes. I don't know what. I just have this picture stuck in my head of a naked man wearing a big animal mask sitting, smoking a cigarette, and reading a magazine.

9. A private shoot with a returning client before her wedding.

10. I also have to go buy a TON of new equipment--my new place in Berkeley will have space for a studio, and I need lights.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

can you provide more details about #6,#7.
i may consider #8
#10-check out White lighting/Alien Bees, or even Adorama brand monolights(if you really on the budget)
(alien bees are cheaper re-brand of the WL)
adorama flashpoint response to the above:

the first two are praised by hobbiests, the latter is less known.

1:47 PM  
Blogger Samantha Wolov said...

6. 70s porn campaign:
box magazine hired me to take a few pictures to be used in their summer campaign. they wanted some simple but really sexually charged images of a man and a woman together, two men together, and possibly all three together. the shots will be then be offered to local street artists to do what they'd like with them--everyone creates something unique using the same source material. the models wouldn't actually be having sex, it would just look like they would be. we'll be in a studio with a stylist. it should actually be a lot of fun! i have my female model, but i'm looking for two men, 18-30, any race, no tattoos (or big, obvious tattoos, at least) who are ok being photographed with a man and a woman. one guy needs to have a slighter build, and one guy should be fairly big and solid.

7. sexual "firsts" or turning points. first kiss, first period, masturbation, getting caught by your parents/roommate, losing your virginity, wet dreams, same-sex experimentation or curiosity, etc. i think the only shot that MIGHT involve nudity is one of a guy who just finished masturbating, but his head will either be thrown back in exhaustion, or his face would be kind of blurry because the focal point will be on the floor near his feet at a crumbled up jizz sock. because these are sexual firsts, the models need to look fairly youthful (but obviously not under 18)

and thanks for the info on the lights! i wasn't even entirely sure what to look for, so this is a good start. merci!

2:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no problem. i am not expert on this subject, and actually don't have monolights yet. but i have studied info about them on various sites (like ) and came to conclusion, that w/s number is for reference, whereas GN is more realistic measurement of the power. i looked also at modeling light wattage (nothing below 150W is good enough for me, 250W is ideal). is modeling light bulb/flash tube replacable? if so, how much? avialability of attachments and optional stuff. vario power: how many settings or continius. is modeling light tracks power?(when you reduce power setting of flash, will modeling light be dimmer, to mimic the effect-that's what modeling light is for-to show you effect of light)
Sync voltage, recycle time(the shorter the better, of course) and some other small stuff.
If you have the money, go for White Lightning. get couple, not the cheapest one(may be one for fill light), but at least next one up. get some soft boxes, umbrellas. i found that octobox is relatively cheap(compare to brand name softboxes) but big and has roundish shape.
than you always can add stuff to this set up. look into some wireless triggering systems, oh and don't forget flash meter-how else you going to know the exposure!
BUT, you can always use multiple flashes like the one you already have. just get some light stands(or something to mount them on) and umbrellas(or some other light modifier) and 1 or 2 more flashes and good to go(or at least start on the budget). check nikon web site for info how to use multiple flashes.

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you have somebody for #8 already or you still looking? if so, what types you need for that gig?

4:55 PM  
Blogger Warrior said...

Well no point in me even offering, I have crap skin and I live in the south of France. I am Irish, who cares. Anyway. If you ever have a spare minute, I find your work fascinating by way of your blog. I studied in college but in truth have a few beat up old cameras and I don't know where to start. Apart from that, you sound completely nuts and it would be cool to get to know you better. ( that is not a pervy suggestion) ;-)

4:18 AM  

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