Thursday, November 10, 2005

New Old Work (or Old New Work)

sorry for the delay, but i've been very busy. as of today, i graduate in 40 days (last exam is monday, dec. 19, from 530-8, therefore i graduate on the 20th), after which point, i will try to take as many pictures as i possibly can. maybe go back to portraiture, meet some new, kinky friends for more sex pictures, etc. in the meantime, i will be working on one of the following 10-15 page papers:
1. barbara kruger's money-themed works, empowerment-disempowerment, and the dismantling of a binary division of art and advertizing.
2. colonial portraiture as a means of asserting independence
3. comparitive paper of the eroticism of child photographs by julia margaret cameron and sally mann (don't read anything into this....)
4. passive-aggressive anti-semitism in northern renaissance painting before 1550.


Anonymous stereosaint said...

number 4 sounds challenging. as do number 3, without reading anything into anything.

breaaaaak a leg.

8:14 PM  
Blogger Jay said...

I like your work

12:55 PM  

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