Tuesday, November 29, 2005

This is how I amuse myself

I'm working on paper #3 of four, the one on clothing and textiles in American colonial portraiture as a means of asserting a new independent identity. I've been pouring over thirty pages of colonial economic history. The only people who can make me feel better right are my mother and David Bowie. And, given that my mother is asleep and I've never met David Bowie, I am forced to amuse myself. Thus, I have written two haikus which summarize the two papers I finished. Enjoy.

Barbara Kruger's Art-Ads as a Semiotic Deconstruction of Advertizing:
System-breaker gal.
Makes ads to breaks ads; post-mod.
The chick has big balls.

Images of Judas with Red Hair as Symbols of Anti-Semitism in Northern Renaissance Christian Art:
Iscariot: Hell!
Devilish Jews; we see red.
Not really mentioned.

Yeah, that second one kinda stinks. It's a complicated topic. I'll talk about it later.


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