Saturday, March 18, 2006


...I'm in London now. I was to busy before I left to post the new pictures, but I'll do it when I get back. There are about 30 that I need to decide upon, including trying to decide which is more important, aesthetic appeal/skill or appreciation of the scene. Like, I have some pictures that are a little more "traditional", not blurry, fairly erotic, etc. But then I have some shots that are far more realistic. One of my cats wandered into a few of the shots, and I was laughing, but I got some shots with the couple and the cat. Artistically, not the best shots, they're too blurry, but it's pretty damn realistic, right? I mean, if you have pets, they play a role in your life, including your sex life. For me, it's cats trying to get in the middle of everything. My "dog" friends complain about their dogs watching them, or whimpering to go out at a crucial point. What can you do?

I'm still grappling with my general point, i.e., is my work commentary on the stigmatization of porn/the elitism of art, is it trying to be artsy porn in order to blur the division between art and porn, is this supposed to be reality tv-style porn? Those are a little contradictory, hence the confusion. But I'll post all the pictures in a week or so and let you decide.

In the meantime, screw this, I'm gonna bum around London!


Anonymous Tracy Lee said...

"I'm still grappling with my general point"

yeah. You and me both. I think it isn't a static thing, I think the meaning behind the work changes as you change. At least it does for me, which makes it harder to pin anything down.

Liking the new stuff, and sounds like things are really moving in a good way!

12:21 PM  

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