Thursday, April 06, 2006

Airing my dirty laundry

Once upon a time, I got approached to publish my doll pictures in Penthouse. I asked to see a contract, any contract, before I sent them pictures. That was nearly a month ago. Today, I find out through a friend (and not the editor I spoke with) that said editor was offended that I had asked to see a contract, and therefore didn't want anything to do with me.

Aside from the blatant lack of professionalism that comes from not returning any of my phone calls or emails, not to mention that this editor lacked the courage to tell me he "just wasn't that into me" personally, this strikes me as odd. I would have published photos that would have almost guaranteed me a lawsuit with Mattel. As far as I know, asking to see a contract wasn't just good business practice, it was a way to cover my butt. I'm satisfied with what happened (if not HOW it happened). But am I wrong? Are photographers no longer expected to look at contracts before publication?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are totally right, I wouldn't do anything without a contract, no matter who it is and the few times I did as a young artist I paid for it twofold. Besides, who cares, it's Penthouse magazine! So what if some 15 year old boy and his friend in their tree house don't get to see your art!

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