Sunday, May 07, 2006

Newsflash! Women who speak their mind can cause erectile dysfunction

For cryin' out loud, this is BULLSHIT.

1. Dali's watches and Oldenburg's soft sculptures had nothing to do with ED. I can't speak much on Dali, but Oldenburg often talked about the GENERAL flaws in humanity, more of an emphasis on how we're human and imperfect. They weren't a way to wax poetic on flaccid penises.

2. "One can argue that a young woman speaking her mind is a sign of equality. "That's a good thing," says Sawyer, father of four daughters. "But for some guys, it has come at a price. It's turned into ED in men you normally wouldn't think would have ED."
- Women speaking their minds can cause ED? If we do, you couldn't have been much of a man in the first place.
- What kind of men would you think normally get ED? Isn't the whole point of the article to point out that there IS no type of man you would normally think to get ED?

3. "Such images disturb because sexual performance is still, in the minds of many males, the sign of authority and dominance, perhaps the last such symbol in a society slogging its way toward gender equality."
- Fuck you.

4. "He has all the creds of a player: tall and good-looking with dark hair and gray-green eyes, member of a fraternity so bad and so much fun that university officials refuse to sanction it. Unlike other guys buying beer on Daddy's money, he works at a bank and has a job lined up after school -- a fact that the ambitious women at GW love. "
- Ambition = Money-Hungry. Duly noted.
- Uh-oh. My mom has dark(ish) hair and gray-green eyes. Harpy!

Yes, ED is a problem. But this article isn't helping.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Erectile dysfunction is nature's way of gently helping men learn how to give better head.

11:41 AM  
Blogger Samantha Wolov said...


12:12 PM  
Blogger jenn said...

ok...I'm a little late in the game but this. shit. drives. me. crazy. CRAZY, I tell you. Maybe newspapers can save stories like this for when the day comes that there are no more date rapes from the college men who can get it up and we've cured breast cancer and AIDS and all of the billion bigger health/social/whatever problems out there.

ps-ok, I'm totally not like pro-erectile disfunction or anything, and if you have issues with it get help, men shouldn't have to live like that if there's treatment or things they can do. But it really disgusts me that women can't get a definitive answer on what to do when menopause hits (take the hormones and get cancer, don't and risk heart disease-oh, the choices!) yet every other god damn commercial is for Cialis.
pps-how the hell are you, by the way? I haven't talked to you in 40 years!!

8:44 PM  
Blogger Samantha Wolov said...

dude! hey!

yeah, it's frustrating. the few menopause commercials or ads in mags that i've seen have all hyperdramatized the hot flashes and how awkward and uncomfortable women get. for pete's sake, a woman reaches her sexual peak around that time, and these ads completely deny their target audience their sexuality, while ED ads like those for cialis celebrate this notion that a man is forever virile and manly even though the product itself is supposed to be the "cure" for a very natural and common occurence. i'm sympathetic towards guys who have ED, i really am, and if those men choose to do something about it, more power to them. but it's not fair to celebrate the waning sexuality of men, but deny the (theoretically) thriving sexuality of women.

9:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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