Monday, July 31, 2006


Oy. Ok, here's what's been up:

1. Just got back from SF for apartment hunting. VERY unsuccessful. Although we did find an apartment I really, really liked (I'm the picky one), but we have no idea if we'll get it or not.

2. Job interview went well. Job itself, not so much. The scheduling with my move doesn't entirely work with their schedule, so if I don't get it, I'm pretty sure it'll be because of that. I won't be bothered. I'm applying to two more things today.

3. "Cattus Interruptus" and "Untitled (Shower Shot #4)" both got into Dirty Detroit 7.5. You can see what they look like here:
Cattus Interruptus:
Untitled (Shower Shot #4):

You can also check out Dirty Detroit at

4. R.I.P. Kalman Burnim. Very, very cool guy.


Blogger stinker said...

hi sam....
looks like you're a week away and things i'm sure we be hectic. Good luck on the apt. cuz you gotta sleep and good luck on the job cuz ya gotta eat and pay for the apt....wierd how that all works...other than that...have a safe trip if your flying/driving.

7:00 PM  

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