Friday, January 25, 2008

A few things

1. A note to the SF peeps: seriously, the rain? Over it.

2. Smut, Vol. 1, a new book from, has a photo from one of my sets on pg. 56.

3. I'll be shooting avant-garde, high fashion, bondage-esque fashion Saturday night, and swimwear Sunday morning. Hopefully, the photos will be done by the end of the week, after which I'll have a quick beauty shoot (two looks), and hopefully, a website update that weekend. I'll blog about it in case you forget.

4. Marin MOCA show is still on. I can't go, but you should.

5. I am a loyal Mac user. Always have been. My dad was bringing home Apples when I was still in diapers. I was typing by two, albeit slowly. I had a Newton in elementary school. I really was one of those people who had an iPod before everyone else. The Boy is either on a Mac or Linux (I'm ok with a mixed marriage). I don't think I have the chops to be called a bona fide tech geek, but I'd like to think I can handle a machine.

Now, I've been working on my Powerbook for a while--yes, mine is old enough to be called a Powerbook. It has served me well. It's just not serving my needs the same way. So, back around the holidays, I decided I was going to really start investigating a replacement. Since I spend SOOOOOO many hours in front of the computer, I need my eyes, and I usually forget to wear my reading glasses, I decided to upgrade to 17", and something really, really sexy. No point in getting something in December when MWE was a few weeks away. So I waited. And waited. And finally, Apple made their announcement: Macbook Air.

MACBOOK AIR?! WTF?! I like my computers like I like my men: Big. Reliable. Dent-resistant. Specs aside, the Air looks like I should put bruschetta on top and serve it at a party. This isn't a review of the Air; I actually don't think I'm qualified to really judge it based on anything other than aesthetics (as I said, I never claimed to be a tech geek.) Macrumors is saying not to get one since we're due for an upgrade. It's been 235 days since a change, with the average being 186 days. Damn it, I want a new computer!

Sorry. It won't stop raining. My computer is cranky. I have two shoots, and no room for the photos. I'm a little cranky.



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