Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Let's Get Physical

This has nothing to do with photography. I'm doing this for a friend.

My personal trainer, Tomas, just opened up a new studio and is promoting his services. He and his team of personal trainers (Body Mechanix Fitness) are offering complimentary sessions to new clientèle at his Moss St. location in San Francisco on a referral basis ONLY. If you'd like one of these sessions, you'll need to talk to Tomas personally in order to make the arrangements. This promotion is being offered for the entire month of April. To make an appointment, call Tomas directly at 415-308-2255, or email him at tomasmms at gmail dot com.

I heart Tomas. He's really, really good at what he does, the gym is perfect, and everyone on staff is excellent. I didn't think I was that big of a fitness person, but now I'm a total gym bunny. I even hike! I go rock climbing! I can kick ass and take names.

Seriously, if you're in the San Francisco area, go do this. You have nothing to lose. It's a free session, it's an hour, you'll get sweaty and healthy, and you might even bump into me. Go!

The stats:
Who: Tomas Mimms, Body Mechanix Fitness. 415-308-2255; tomasmms at gmail dot com.
What: FREE fitness training session.
Where: Body Mechanix, 47 Moss St., San Francisco
When: Until April 30
Why: Are you really that healthy right now? It's a free personal training session at a very cool gym. C''s free. Free things rock.

In other news, I still have house guests (today is day Day 19 of 24 consecutive days of visitors and guests), I'm getting over a nasty, nasty cold, and I'm in the early stages of planning three very cool beauty shoots (one for July) and two fashion shoots.

Also, another website update is in the works. Then maybe editors will talk to me.

I might be going to Portland this summer. There's also a god chance I'm coming back to DC for a few weeks in July to babysit my family's cats while they're off in Europe. I might also be going off to Seattle for a week because I'm meeting some very cool fashion people up there, and I like shooting.

Also also, The Boy got a NDSEG Fellowship. If you know who he is (I think there are two of you out there), go congratulate him.


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as always....
call me when you're in DC!

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