Monday, February 18, 2008

Website, Personal Update

I spent the weekend in the hospital (I'm OK), and one of my cats back home in DC has about 24 hours to live. I've been immersing myself in work as a distraction.

You may have noticed my website hasn't been updated in a while, or at least when I said I would. I've decided that I will organize the fashion work by series, with each row dedicated to one series, and a separate section within the page for "miscellaneous" fashion work. Not hard, but given I have many shoots planned for the next few weeks and a computer about to die (no jokes about cat vs. computer, please, I'm not taking bets), I figured it was best to wait until I not only had a new computer, but I finished all the other shoots. We're looking at about a month, probably. At least two shoots next week, possibly two that weekend, and maybe one or two the first week of March. Then two weeks of visitors.

And to the senders of the few emails I've gotten over the last few days: I shoot fashion now. No nude girls. GET OVER IT. In the event that I do get back to nude or erotic work, rest assured I won't be contacting you anytime soon.


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