Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Can't Get No....Satisfaction...

I have creative "blue balls." I have all these ideas for editorial spreads and fashion shoots (five at last count), and no one to shoot for! Normally what I do is just bankroll the shoot myself. Costs aren't terrible (kit fee for hair/makeup, studio rental, shipping/taxes on clothing), but they still add up. Plus, five shoots?! Granted, three of those are with a designer whom I ADORE, so the clothing is already provided, but I either need a sugar daddy/momma, a recently deceased rich relative who has left me everything, or an agent who, even though they will take some of my money, will actually help me generate in the first place, because I'm obviously not doing something right. We're getting there, though....

For the fun part: the shoots! I can't give away too much, but here are the teasers:
1. Very avant-garde beauty shoot involving animals. Some live, some dead. I have access to a horse. Possibly multiple horses.

2. Two, possibly three shoots with my oh-so-favorite local designer. More very awesome avant-garde fashions to come.

3. An alternative-process fashion series. These will actually generate awesome prints, which I will later be selling in fairly small edition sizes.

4. Yet another fashion series which I can't really describe, other than there's an element of subdued sexiness and an emphasis on a common material.

I'm pulling farther and farther away from erotica. This is my calling. I'll still get the periodic hateful email damning me because I have ceased my production of free masturbation fodder, but I'm having a blast. Even if I can't make a dime from it. :)


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