Thursday, February 21, 2008

Je Suis "Busy and Bee-like"

Wow. Ok, this is why you won't be hearing from me for a while:

Feb. 27: Super-secret private erotic shoot. Yes, I still do them for private clients if the gig seems good.

Feb. 29: Alternative-process fashion shoot

Mar. 1: Probably a creepy, mildly morbid shoe shoot. My friend Kim has a secret knowledge of SFX makeup. :D

Mar. 2: Beauty shoot with live animals in the morning, possibly very colorful fashion shoot in the afternoon with my favorite local designer.

Mar 8: Probably on location shooting another series for the aforementioned designer.

Mar 9: Probably something vaguely kinky, something Newton-esque involving cool fashion and a horse.

Mar. 14-19. Mom and partner visit.

Mar 19-22: The Boy's parents visit.

Mar 22-28(?): Dan, a good friend The Boy and I have known since elementary school, visits.

Somewhere in there I'll try to squeeze in more animal-themed beauty shoots, a texture-rich beauty shoot, and I have access to some GREAT gardens, so I'm plotting something with those.


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