Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!

I'm doing a LOT of shooting and editing right now. Summary:

1. Hired by a local animation studio to take stills for production. Shot last week, again tomorrow (Thursday)

2. Shooting a fashion set Friday afternoon. Theme is part Wizard of Oz, part Studio 54, and part S&M. Colorful and kinky.

3. Shooting two beauty sets Saturday. 8am-2pm: first half of my material-inspired set. 3pm-7pm, private client who also needs avant-garde beauty shots.

4. Monday afternoon: the other half of my beauty shoot.

Then the editing begins.....

The Boy is going to India this summer for a month, and I will be going to DC for about three weeks, July 1-July 22, give or take a day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey sam. it's lisa. i've been following your postings, and new work in fashion photography. stunning. glad things are falling into place. i also dig your new website.

our boy isn't so little anymore. he's almost 10 months old, started walking at 9 months, is so tall he's in the 97th percentile for height. he's just a blast. we're now pregnant with our second.

best wishes~

1:06 AM  

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