Monday, April 14, 2008

Website: News

I have a new website. I switched over to a customized SiteWelder site, which makes managing and maintaining my site very, very easy. I can upload and move around content effortlessly and quickly, I can add or delete sections on a whim, and I even have a PayPal Cart option--you can now go to my "Prints for Purchase" section (a collection of my favorite prints on the site), click a button, it gets added to a cart, and you can buy the print online.

Most of my content is up now, and I'm anticipating another major upload around May 1, after all my April photoshoots are done.

The URL is still It will take 24-72 hours to "register", so even though the new site is technically up now, it might not show up for a day or two. Just keep refreshing.


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