Saturday, July 21, 2007


Goodness, I'm bad at this blogging thing. Ok, news:

1. I'm moving. Again. Staying in the SF Bay Area, but moving from the city to North Berkeley. Officially, I move Friday, August 3rd, which is fairly crazy. We don't have that much stuff to move, but we're trying to deliver all our books and art separately so the movers don't have to waste their time with tiny things. Having said that, I have A LOT of framed prints from shows that I don't think I'll be using anytime soon, so I'll offer them here (post will follow).

2. Because of the move, unpaid shoots have been postponed until after we get settled. This means fun things like the animal makeup series will be shot in August or September.

3. Nerve Magazine will be unearthing a new ongoing photo series soon, to which I have contributed two sets and shoot shooting a third on Friday. I can't offer any details, but it involves nudity.

4. I had a FANTASTIC portrait shoot with a recurring client before I left for DC. I shot a lot, and I only have three absolute favorites, but that's the point--they're absolute favorites. Catch is, technically, she's topless in two of them (though covered), and I'm not allowed to show them off publically until I get the go-ahead. She gets married in two weeks, so you might see new work then.

5. I MIGHT (might might might, maybe) be shooting for a national women's magazine. Maybe. They've expressed moderate interest, and I've proposed what I feel is an interesting shoot. It's a huge maybe, but I have many things on my body crossed for good luck.

6. It takes a special kind of person to voluntarily visit DC in July. I am one of those special people. I think I lost 5lbs in sweat.

7. I now know how to update my own website. Yes, I didn't know how to do it before. It was a shameful attempt to remain close to my sexy webmistress (hi, Rachel!) But now I know, which means I can post new work more frequently.

8. Speaking of my website, it's simply not conducive to selling prints, which as a photographer, is kinda a big deal. I'm trying to investigate other artist's sites to gather ideas and options, but I am totally open to suggestions.


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