Thursday, May 22, 2008

May Madness (Apologies to Basketball Fans)

I've been hiding, hence the lack of updates, lack of new work, and lack of interest. I also had an anniversary with The Boy--seven years, and not the least bit itchy.

1. I will be completing a three day on-location fashion workshop with Bruce Smith May 27-29. I am the only one signed up, so I get the guy all to myself, and I mostly get to dictate how I want the shoot styled. I'll get two shoots out of it, a ton of info, and a real contact. I'm also taking a fashion-specific Photoshop class with him that Friday, again, all by myself, so I'll be quite busy.

2. That following week, Monday and Tuesday, I'll have two more shoots. Monday is a beauty shoot, "fucked-up harlequins", and Tuesday is fashion, during which I'll be playing with movement.

3. My family will be visiting us June 6th-11th, so I'll mostly be incommunicado. I'll try to have new work up before then.

4. I'm still going back to DC this summer. Officially. June 30-July 22. I'll try to get at least one shoot done while I'm there, but I might just take it easy. Unless a paying gig comes along....

5. If anyone lives in SF, my gym, which features great art from local artists (it's not a traditional gym), has one of my prints, and I must say, I really, really, really like it. It's "Dyed, II", 24"x36", framed with a navy silk mat (yes, fabric), with a silver frame--total size 34"x48", number 1/10. Looks really good. It's at Body Mechanix on Moss St.