Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Don't Have Plans 6/16? You Do Now!

Like breasts? Me too! That's why you should go to the release party for "Destination DD: Tales of a Breast Fetishist with 40DDs". I'll have four or five prints hanging (two nudie portraits, two classics, one lingerie shot), and there will also be a topless poetry reading, so it seems promising.

The stats:
Who: Me, Virgie (the writer), topless poets
What: My work, books on breasts, boobies galore
Where: ArtSF, 110 Capp St (the Mission), one block from the 16th St. BART stop.
When: Sat. June 16, 8pm-12am
Why: Collect a print, buy a book, hear poems, see breasts


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Work, Update

So, genius that I am, I forgot how to log into Blogger, hence the delay in posting. But I'm back, with lots of photos. I can't show everything, but I can show you a little taste of recent shoots.

As for the flipbook, I've been told by Box that if you email Heather at [vix at box-mag dot com], she can hook you up with a flipbook for about $6. Girl's gotta eat.

Also, I've made the executive decision to limit my TFCD work to very, very select circumstances. I'm a working woman now, and I'd like to think I'm established enough to merit actual money. Perhaps not. But I'm saving to get some really nice studio equipment for my new apartment, so look at this as contributing to the greater good.

Also also, I will be returning to DC sometime in July for sometime between 1-2 weeks, towards the middle/end of the month. It's mostly family stuff, but I'll be bringing my camera, so theoretically I can have a shoot. Just send me an email if you're interested.

Also also also, I LOVE taking portraits. I forgot how much fun it was. So, not only am I now working on a collection of erotica shots, I'm working on a collection of portraits of people where I offer at least one "traditional" portrait, then at least one ridiculous portrait. I've never been able to be all that serious anyway, so this is perfect. I'm hoping that when I move, I'll get the studio set up, and I'll be able to force everyone who visits to sit for a portrait. No exceptions.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

She Works Hard For The Money....

I'm listing all the jobs/projects/meetings I have in the next month or so in case anyone is interested in participating, or if they want to know why they probably won't hear from me for a while.

1. Meeting with a Marketing Director of a local urban retreat for possible private shoot and commissioned shots for a new campaign. Friday.

2. Fashion shoot 5/7

3. Mom and Peter in town 5/10-5/15

4. I think there's a dirty shoot sometime in the middle of the week after they leave.

5. Anniversary with The Boy 5/19 (We haven't planned anything. Any suggestions?)

6. 70s porn summer campaign shoot 5/20

7. Working on a project on sexual rites of passage. I need youthful looking people. And a lot of semen. Long story...

8. I kinda want to take a series of naked Plushies (just their masks) lounging in their homes. I don't know what. I just have this picture stuck in my head of a naked man wearing a big animal mask sitting, smoking a cigarette, and reading a magazine.

9. A private shoot with a returning client before her wedding.

10. I also have to go buy a TON of new equipment--my new place in Berkeley will have space for a studio, and I need lights.

A Little Clarification on the Penis Comment, Plus Some Good, Ol' Fashioned Bitching

So here's the story:

As I mentioned earlier, I'm looking to hire models for this summer campaign for Box. It should be really cool, we're all really excited about it, and I've already hired the female model (she's perfect, btw). Anyway, last night, I'm talking with Bunny, the EIC and I mention that I've gotten about 30 responses from men who really, really, REALLY aren't the best choices for the gig. He suggests I look for male strippers and male escorts, which I thought was a really good idea. Between the emails I had received already that evening, and the 50+CL ads I read, my guess is that I had seen about 50-60 penises.

And the thing is, they weren't even good pictures! I mean, half of them looked like they were taken with a camera phone, they were grainty, out of focus, colors that you really don't want penises to be (green, blue, purple), and some of the guys thought that by holding themselves a certain way, they'd look bigger, and three geniuses decided to take a picture of their erect monstrosities from directly above, so instead of showing any size or shape, they just look like massive nubbins.

I think CL is not the place for male models. I have to actually go to some modeling websites.

Fun little tidbits on the emails I received:
1. The same horny asshole from Cupertino emailed me three times in two days. His email read,
"How about me??

I will be in cupertino from thursday night to sunday afternoon...

want to have fun all weekend long??


See, I actually want to post his real, full name, and post the lovely pictures he sent me, just because he seems so determined. And honestly, by the look of his driver's license photo, he seems like such an animal in the sack, and the three photos he sent with three different sports cars convinces me that his dick is MASSIVE and he could pleasure me all night long. Really, I should dump The Boy and go with this guy right now.

2. Remember back in October, I mentioned I was to be interviewed by a Canadian TV program? Remember I was looking for a couple to photograph having sex while they filmed me taking pictures? No? Just trust me on this one. Anyway, I find a couple who both happen to be professional models. I'm desperate. I think, they're still a couple, they still count. The producer graciously agrees to pay their fee. They tell me hours before the shoot they can't host. I frantically make arrangements at a local motel. Again, the producer graciously agrees to pay the fee. I get my hair done about an hour before my interview, and come back to my apartment to find an email message saying they can't do the shoot. Fucking flakes.

So the male model in this duo of ineptitude? Emails me to get the Box gig. I think I'll enjoy emailing him back.

3. On guy looks almost exactly like Brad Sherwood from "Who's Line is it Anyway?" I can't decide if that freaks me out or not.

OK, enough bitching. I have hunky men to look for.

Just Another Day At The Office...

I've seen so many penises today. It's exhausting!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Look! Pretty Pictures! Now Give Me Money

Those pretty, abstract-y lingerie photos are now for sale on Etsy.com. $40 each, signed, dated. If you're nice, I might even write you a little note on the back...

Models Needed (actually not the same song and dance I usually give)

I've been commissioned to shoot a small summer promo for Box Mag, and I'm on the prowl for models....again. We want to go with a 70s porn theme--big EVERYTHING. I'm looking for:
1. Man #1: slight build, good skin, not homophobic, comfy with sexual content, 18-35, any race
2. Man #2: big/solid, good skin, not homophobic, comfy with sexual content, 18-35, any race
3. Woman: African American, decent-sized chest, good body, either with an Afro, short hair that could be styled into an Afro, or cool with wigs, sexually confident and comfy with sexual content--think Pam Grier.

If you fit any of these descriptions, or know anyone who does, let me know. I'm shooting May 20th.