Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Full Set

Shots from Monday.

I'm shooting a commercial fashion set on Sunday, riiiiight before I leave for DC, but I'll try to have the updated website up by Monday or Tuesday.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sample Shot

I was in the studio on Monday for twelve* hours, 8am-8pm. Crazy. Anyway, here is a sample shot from yesterday. The set is four photos. I'll put them on the website soon.

Also, expect to see some website changes by next week.

*As opposed to the previously mentioned eight. Yes, I am tired. Thanks for the heads-up.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


My domain name expired, and all the emails I received telling me it was going to expire got moved to my junk folder. I've since renewed, but the site it temporarily down. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Shoot Planning, Etc.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a very, very talented MUA through Model Mayhem (like Myspace or Facebook for people in the industry). She told me she loved my work, and was excited to hear I was coming to DC. As it happens, she and I are in the same boat: our interested lie towards the more avant-garde, we're talented, but we need more commercial work in order to be heard. She and I don't work pro bono anymore, but we're working TFP to collaborate together on some amazing-sounding shoots.

I'm also working on a few things here in SF before I fly home. Here are their brief summaries:

SF Shoots:
1. "Attention to Detail:" This is a beauty shoot, though it will only yield three photos (for a four-page spread). Three intricately-styled body parts will be highlighted in each of the three shots. I won't give away the rest, but these pictures could also appeal to interior design enthusiasts.

2. Commercial Fabric Shoot: Not only do I need a commercial fashion book, but I need it to show that not only can I shoot commercial fashion, but I can design an entire campaign. Rather than get into trouble with a specific brand or designer, I've decided to highlight a material, a fabric, and showcase it's universal appeal. Very simple, very clean. I'm shooting it the day before I leave for DC, but hopefully, the photos will be done before I leave. I'll be shooting digitally, but also probably with a Holga.

3. Movie-themed Shoot: I don't know much about this, but I've been approached by a talented model (with whom I've worked before), who was, in turn, approached by a stylist, to do a fashion shoot based on a very successful, very famous movie from the 70s. Totally my style, but I haven't heard much about it. I also need to watch the movie--all I know of it I've seen from photos. Still, fairly iconic.

4. Another crazy beauty shoot with a Mexican theme. Might turn it into a commercial fashion shoot, if I can. I haven't decided.

DC Shoots:
1. Commercial Jewelry: Monochromatic, high-contrast, outdoors, slightly avant-garde, will feature an AMAZING vintage Butler and Wilson necklace that was given to me, and a vintage pin I got at the SF Deco Fair last Christmas.

2. Probably something with that crazy sculpture of the man coming out of the ground.

3. Something involving a shower? I like water. :)

I will literally have nothing to do in DC other than feed cats and take pictures.

I'm also tempted to find an assistant for some of the location shoots. Normally, I would just have the MUA or stylist hold the reflector/diffuser, but someone will need to guard the equipment, and tourist location+expensive equipment-someone on watch=trouble. If anyone wanted to know what it was like to be on a fashion shoot, and you want to volunteer, let me know. It's always my habit of treating TFP workers to food. Email me: samantha at his dot com.

Also, before I forget:
DC Discombobulated: Feel free to ask me any questions you might have, in case you have something pressing. You don't need to bribe me with coffee, it's ok. :) Feel free to email me if you want more information about something: samantha at his dot com.

Lone Siren: Thanks! Welcome to the Blogosphere, or whatever the cool kids are calling it these days. My blog title is a remnant of my days as an erotic photographer. I shoot fashion and beauty now, but nudity still seems be a factor in my work (not that nudity equates eroticism.) I'm glad you like my work!

Congrats to Antoniya Ivanova!

If you follow fashion, expect to hear more about Antoniya Ivanova in the next few years. She is an AMAZING designer, my friend, and I've had the pleasure of shooting for her twice. She was just awarded the Best Portfolio Award at this year's graduation show and review at the Academy of Art here in San Francisco. I'll take a little credit since those are my photos, but she definitely, definitely earned it.

Below are two pictures from two of her collections. I shot both. FYI, both print beautifully, as I have them both hanging in my apartment.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

New "Photo"

Thanks, Howie. :)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

New Directions (Not Quite What It Sounds Like)

Last week, I participated in a three-day, on-location fashion photography workshop with Bruce Smith, followed by a day-long fashion-specific Photoshop class.


I learned A LOT. Not so much about shooting and styling (I already know about that), but the business, and what I need to know/do to succeed. As you may know, I'm self-taught, which means I don't have anyone telling me what to do, or what I should do. I've sort of been wandering aimlessly with no direction, just shooting my little heart out, hoping someone will like me enough to publish or hire me.

The good news is, I have what it takes, at least, according to Smith. At first, I thought he was blowing smoke up my ass, but it became apparent that he wasn't, thank goodness. Apparently, I have vision, and I have talent, I just need to harness it in a way that gets my name out there. Completely fair.

For me, for my interests, I need three books: beauty, commercial fashion, and editorial fashion. Commercial vs. editorial is essentially a switch of emphasis on the clothing to a feel the clothing inspires. I can still do avant-garde, but I need to show I can do more accessible stuff too. This doesn't mean I'm abandoning the crazy stuff! If I had my way, my shots would always have a little drama, or some quirk to them.

So, first, I need to build my books. I need to show a range in each book, so maybe 6-8 different shoots and 25 photos total, whichever comes first. So, I have lots and lots of shooting ahead of me.

Next, I need to make comp cards. I knew that, but I never went for it because I had no need for them. I'll make a comp card for each book and send them to anyone who might have any interest in hiring me (as in, editorial comp cards go to magazines and designers, beauty cards go to salons, MUAs, magazines, etc.)

Once my portfolios are in order, I get to approach people, including modeling agencies. If they like me, they might hire me to test their models. If not...

So, basically, now I have to shoot as much as I can. I have one simple commercial shoot coming up, one editorial fashion, and one beauty shoot, all before I leave SF. I'm not sure if I'll shoot in DC, but I'll try to work something out. After that, things might get slow since I have to work in my other job, but I'm off to a good start, methinks.