Wednesday, January 31, 2007

San Francisco Sex Fans: Sending out Feelers

I have an idea, sort of.

One of my jobs at the gallery is to brainstorm lots of interesting ideas--ideas for shows, ideas for events, ideas for networking, all of it. My director knows about my photography and has agreed to let me coordinate an erotic art show in the gallery (using the art from our 200,000-piece inventory) IF I decide I can find enough art lovers/collectors who would be interested in attending. I'm still sending out feelers. My gallery represents some of the largest collections of Master's works, and I thought it would be cool to highlight some of Picasso's most erotic etchings, and/or Dali's Marquis de Sade and Casanova suites (which are friggin' AWESOME). If you live in San Francisco, or are willing to travel there, is this something you might be interested in? Are you involved in any swingers or SMBD groups who might be interested? I think it would be a cool show, but I want to make sure people would actually attend. Feel free to email me at samantha at his dot com if you have questions, connections, or opinions.

And no, I wouldn't have my art up. Sad but true. But I would be there, and rumor has it that I'm awesome. :)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Three Things

1. Dali's Marquis de Sade suite is growing on me. I need to go back and read all the plays.

2. Box Magazine, that oh-so-lovely publication I mention all the friggin' time, will be publishing a "fucking flipbook" of photos by moi. Basically, it will be a flipbook of two people having sex, though, I want to run a test series of a blowjob. Any couples interested in being in the flipbook? We don't need faces, just a lot of movement. Oh, and did I mention Box will be written up in Jane Magazine at some point? Getting famous....

3. I'm always looking for couples, that's a given. I will rarely, rarely turn someone away, and even then, it's either only because I don't think they quite know what they're getting into and I don't want them to do something they'd regret, or one/both people are married, and not to the person they want they the photos with (homey don't play that). But I'm really, really disappointed that I don't have more diversity in the couples I feature. Basically, they're all white and heterosexual. All this time, I've been saying I want to document "real sex" with "real people" so that the pictures are as polar to preexisting porn and "erotic art" as possible. But porn and "erotic art" have traditionally held a premium towards white, heterosexual couples, so my photos aren't doing their job. This really, really bothers me. In the end, my stuff is no different than the stuff that's already out there. I really want to show that EVERYONE has sex, and it's always awesome, regardless of what the people in the Porn Garter Belt (the Bible Belt's slutty little sister) will have you believe. Someday......

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


It's been a while. The gallery is keeping me busy, but alas, I have shirked on the photo work. My schedule is very hectic, but I'll keep you abreast (har har) of things. In the meantime, here's what to look for, and some reasons why I might be incommunicado (again)

Sometime in mid-late January: Another shoot with my favorite pregnant couple before they're no longer pregnant, a shoot with a new couple, and a shoot to create photos used for a sexy flipbook. More news on that later.

February 12: Boyfriend gets older.

Sometime mid-late February: Shoot with a new couple

February: Cajun Ralph comes to visit? (I can't remember where we left that...)

Second week in March: Mom and Spousal-Equivalent come to visit

Third week in March: Pseudo-in-laws come to visit

March?: I think I have another shoot in there, but I can't remember

April, hopefully: My partner in crime through HS and college comes to visit. Watch the news.

April 21: Auction at the gallery (More on this later)

Some art stuff, mostly social stuff. But now you know why I'm terrible at posting on the blog.