Monday, October 31, 2005

James Fortune Rock Photos @ Alla Rogers Gallery

Alla Rogers Gallery will be having a show of rock photos by James Fortune until Dec. 12. I love his work. LOVE. I'm also a HUGE classic rock fan, so I'm really hoping my head won't explode as soon as I walk in. You can go to for a sample of his work.

The Stats:
"Rock and Roll Icons of the 60s and 70s: James Fortune Photographs"
Alla Rogers Gallery
1054 31st St. NW DC (Canal Square in G-Town)
Tues-Sat 12-5

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

How Apropos: A Comic

This is today's "F Minus" strip, by Tony Carrillo. You can see why it struck a nerve:

Website Complications

ok, i said the site would be down, and it's not. here's the problem: my current provider stinks. i only get 3 gb of bandwith. apparently, i've been using around 150 gb because so many people have been stopping by. this is great, but now i'm getting charged extra money for all the extra bandwith, and i will continue to until i switch providers. which i tried to do. it should have been processed yesterday, but they never did. so i'll let you know when the site will be down. but the next few days could get interesting. ill post when the site will be down, up again, and when i've posted new pictures.

New People Pictures

Friday, October 14, 2005

website will be down for the next 24-36 hours

i'm in the process of switching my website hosting service, so it might take a day or two for it to be up and back to normal. i'll post when it's safe to go back and see it. i should also have some new pictures soon, so all the more reason to check it out!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

a glorious waste of time

this is nothing to do with art. sorry.

my friend rachel (same one who made my site) told me about this amusing time-waster. i'm in denial over the four 10-page research papers i need to write, so i did this instead. go to, and type in "[your name] needs" and find the funniest responses. they probably have nothing to do with you, but it's amusing nonetheless. these are my favorites:

1. "samantha needs adoptive parents who are willing to meet her needs for structure"
2. "samantha needs her day in court"
3. "samantha needs some pampering"
4. "samantha needs a better looking guy than pete" (his name is jacob, and he's damn fine, thank YOU)
5. "samantha needs to be blindfolded"

and my favorite:
"samantha needs money"
don't we all.....

although, this is the most appropriate:
"samantha need to GET OUT MORE"

true, but i'd rather work on the papers.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I'm on Fleshbot!

for those who don't know, it's a really good resource for all things sexual. anyway, in addition to the blogs and photos of naked women, they feature art and photos. and i'm on there. whee! anyway, because it's a NSFW site, i'll copy/paste the blurb here. but when you might enjoy the site. at least, i do. tres cool.

S. SUgar wrote:
"Samantha Wolov is a young photographer whose talent is obvious enough to make my underwear feel tighter than it should. She specializes in full color (Yay!), highly explicit close-ups of people who look real (pubes, come, the whole nine…). Striking work lacking ‘romance’ and better for it; don’t miss the Barbie porn gallery entitled 'Plastic'."

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

the highlight of my day

once upon a time, i changed my blog settings to that i could be emailed every time someone posted a comment. and this lovely note appeared in my inbox:

"oh pictures of dolls copulating, that is sooo original! i mean, seriously, i've never thought of or seen that before anywhere WHATSOEVER. see, what you've done here is you've taken something supposedly pure and innocent and made it dirty, didn't you? that's SO clever. i mean, that's so daring and original! and so fresh, too!"

thanks, anonymous blogger! i love getting feedback from fans.

Monday, October 03, 2005

support silverthore

because she's really cool. her show is at warehouse gallery from october 5-23. the opening reception is thursday, the 13th. or in my world, yom kippur and the day mom and peter get back from italy. damn it! someone please take my place for a day and let me go to this! anyhoo, here is her spiffy postcard thingy:

joseph barbaccia and pat dunning will also be showing. i don't know anything about them or their work, but you should come out to support them anyway, if anything, for solidarity in the dc art scene.

i swear, once school is over, im going to every opening i can.

faith ringgold

faith ringgold, a nifty african-american feminist artist, will be lecturing at UMD on wednesday at 5pm. i have a midterm the next day, so i can't go, but she's really cool.

website updates

my site has been updated to include the toy pictures from a few posts ago (thanks, rachel!), and now lists the article on me in AU's newspaper, "The Eagle". just lettin' you know.

i have a huge chunk of time coming up. no class on friday, then the weekend, then fall break on monday and tuesday, and i don't have classes on wednesdays. so i'm going to try my darndest to take some pictures. if i cant, there will be paper writing, research, GRE nonsense, grad school apps, cleaning, and maybe some grant applications or submissions to galleries, if i ever find someone who will want my work. but im crossing my fingers for those photo shoots.


the eagle, AUs newspaper (for whom i used to work), ran an article on my work and my recent nerve mag win. you can check it out at

Sunday, October 02, 2005


submitted to bust. we'll see how this goes.

foray into fashion?

a former prof emailed me (and a few other students) the other day to tell me that dc mag is looking for young talented photographers to do some fashion spreads for them. so i emailed them. still haven't gotten a response. i wouldn't be surprised if they said i wasn't what they were looking for, they're more stylized and "polished" in the same vein as "vogue" or "vanity fair", and i'm more of a "bitch" or "bust" kind of gal. yes, those are really magazines. they have some interesting articles, too. anyway, i've been doing a lot of thinking, and i think i'd like to try getting into this. i don't think i've forgotten how to take pictures of clothed people. anyway, if anyone knows of some up-and-coming fashion designers who would like to have some photos, hook us up, please. because apparently, four grad-level classes, grad school apps, the GREs, and two ongoing photo projects aren't enough work for me. insert s&m joke here.

unofficial post: response to comments

ok, so blogspot won't let me respond to comments, so i will respond here:

mark: i used a sheet of dollhouse flooring for the tiles. they make sheets to look like the floor, then you can cut them to fit the room in a dollhouse. i ordered some more. they have tiles, carpets, wood paneling, everything. inexpensive too. like, $6 bucks for one big sheet. you can get them at craft stores or miniature stores. i used to be very into dollhouses, but only because of the interior decoration. i could have cared less about the dolls. ill see if i can unearth my old furniture and have the dolls have sex on the couch. many possibilities with furniture.

spanglemaker: your comments+these photos=pixar porn? "toy story 3: woody gets buzzed" the possibilities are endless.

also, i think i have officially gone international. jorge at saw my pictures at nerve, and gave me props on his blog. unfortunately, i took french in high school, so i have no idea what his blog says, but from what i've gathered from his email an his blogger profile, he is an indie writer in a border town in mexico/texas, and seems to be a nice guy. thanks jorge!

i'm still in search of barbie lingerie. i have a lot of school work coming up, but then i have a break. i'm in talks with a young couple to do some work with them, and i'll work on the doll pictures. i'm still not satisfied with what i've done, which is a good reason to keep trying.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

New Toy Pictures